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Venezuela Music

The Venezuelan music evolved as a blend of Spanish, African and Indigenous rhythms.

In the pre-hispanic times the Indians used carved bones flutes, clay whistles, seashell trumpets and maracas. After with the Spanish colonization and the arrival of the African slaves, several instruments were incorporated into the popular music tradition such as cuatro (a four string small guitar), violin, guitar and drums.

The most known traditional Venezuelan music styles are the Gaita and Joropo. The Gaita is a genre originated in the Zulia state, consists of improvised rhyming vocals over four-string guitars and maracas. It is featured in festivals throughout the year and has now become Venezuela’s traditional Christmas music. Joropo is the most typical Venezuelan music and is associated with the Llanos region; like the Gaita, Joropo is a rhythm accompanied by improvised vocals, four-string guitars, maracas and harps.

Salsa and merengue are perhaps more popular than the traditional music in Venezuela.

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