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Arturo Uslar Pietri
Arturo Uslar Pietri
The colonial period
The Venezuelan literature started its development during this epoch, the works conceived during this time had an enormous influence from the culture and Spanish thought.
The Venezuelan writers in this period were chroniclers of Indias such as Juan de Castellanos, Fray Aguado's Pedro and Fray Pedro Simón. There can be also mentioned José Oviedo y Baños, who lived in Caracas since he was 14 years old and is considered the first Creole writer.

Neoclassicism and Romanticism
The chronicles as well as different styles of poetry were the principal literary manifestations in the years 1700, between 1800 and the independence the political literature was born, including the autobiography of Francisco de Miranda. Once the independence was reached, the Venezuelan literature started to become diversified.
Romanticism was first literary gender of importance in Venezuela, it was developed in the mid of 1800, being Peonia, a work of Manuel Romero García the best example. At the beginning of the republican era stand four big names: Andrés Bello, Fermín Toro, Rafael María Baralt and Juan Vicente González. In this period we can also mention to a distinguished poet called Juan Antonio Pérez Bonalde.
Among the writers that belong to the Costumbrismo we must mention: Daniel Mendoza, Sales Pérez's Francisco, Nicanor Bolet Peraza, Francisco Tosta García, Rafael Bolívar Alvarez, Rafael Bolívar Coronado and Miguel Mármol. Cecilio Acosta and Arístides Rojas. They are writers that indicate the transition toward new intellectual positions and creators during this period.

Positivism, modernism and Venezuelan literature
After 1880 emerged in Venezuela a literary movement with ambitious inspirations. The discovery of naturalism inspired Tomás Michelena to write his novel Débora in 1884 and to Manuel Vicente Romero García to write his work Peonía in 1890, it was the first integral Creole novel attempt.
The most important authors in this tendency were Gonzalo Picón Febres and Miguel Eduardo Pardo, it also stands out Manuel Díaz Rodríguez as the most important figure in the modernism in Venezuela as well as Rufino Blanco Fombona, José Rafael Pocaterra, Luis Urbaneja Achepohl, Teresa de la Parra and Rómulo Gallegos. At the beginning of the XX century several writers, novelists and poets of great importance developed their skills, writers such as Andrés Eloy Blanco, Rómulo Gallegos, Arturo Uslar Pietri and Miguel Otero Silva. The literary tradition in Venezuela was really established in the middle of the XX century.

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