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Language in Venezuela

The official idiom in Venezuela is the Spanish, however numerous languages are spoken. The Spanish spoken in Venezuela is different to spoken in other countries like Spain. For example in Venezuela the spanish verb conjugation is much easier due to some verb forms are omitted and there are less irregular verbs.

Several indigenous idioms are considered official languages and they must be respected everywhere in the Venezuelan republic.

Indigenous languages

According to data obtained in the last general census of population and housing as well as the last indigenous census, the people in Venezuela speak at least 31 indigenous languages, 25 of them can be grouped in seven linguistic families, and the others 6 have not been classified yet.
Most of the the indigenous population speak Spanish as their second language. The languages are following:
• Arahuacas languages: añú, baniva, baré, kurripako, lokono, piapoko, warekena, wayuu.
• Caribes languages: akawayo, eñepá, kari´ña, pemón, wanai, yavarana, ye'kuana, yukpa.
• Chibcha languages: barí
• Guahibanas languages: jivi, kuiva.
• Salibanas languages: maku, sáliva, wótuja.
• tupí languages: yeral
• yanomama languages: sanemá, yanomami
• Makú languages: puinave, jodi.
• Unclassified languages: pumé, sapé, uruak, waraw.

Other languages

Many languages have been brought to Venezuela due to various waves of immigrants such as Italian, Arabic, Chinese and Portuguese which is spoken in "Santa Elena de Uairen" by an important number of people due to the proximity with Brasil, in the same way; in Colonia Tovar (Aragua) some german dialect is spoken.


It is the most spoken language, it has a great demand and it is used mostly in business and education scenarioes. It is used by professionals, academicians and part of high and middle society classes that utilize it as second language. It is taught in elementary and secondary schools in a very basic manner and in the superior education, it is taught in several university faculties.
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About 300.000 people from Italy moved to this rich country in oil in the second half of the XX century. These inhabitants made a linguistic contribution to Venezuela leaving lots of words to the local language.


Unlike the English and Italian languages, these have less usage among the inhabitants of Venezuela. It is taught in high school and it is taught in certain universities during the superior education specially to students that are studying to become translators or a teachers.

Latin and Greek

Just like French, Latin is taught in high school as a humanities subject.

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