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Golf Courses in Venezuela

Golf Courses in Venezuela Venezuela’s golf had not been developed so good as other countries around the world, but it offers several golf installations to practice this sport.

The Venezuelan Golf Association (FVG) is the organization that regulates this sport in the country. It was founded in 1951 when Venezuela held the Bolivarian Games by a group of golf players of Caracas Country Club. The FVG is affiliated to the World Amateur Golf Council and to the Federación Sudamericana de Golf (the Latin-American golf regulator).

The main golf courses in Venezuela are located in Caracas and Isla Margarita both of them hosts some important golf professional and amateur championships.

The major golf courses in Venezuela are

Lagunita Country Club, Caracas
Lagunita Country Club is one of the most important golf complexes in Venezuela. It is located in a place called El Hatillo, which is outside of Caracas, in here are played professional and amateur championships. It has a lot of tradition and it has won international respect. La Lagunita hosts the continental Americas Tour tournament.

Isla Margarita Golf Club, Margarita Island Margarita Island has only one operating golf course which works at the resort hotel, Hesperia Isla Margarita, it is near of town Pedro Gonzalez on the North West coast. It is an 18 holes public course, there are no tee times. It is run on a walk on system: "first come, first to start".

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