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Caracas Travel Guide Caracas Travel Guide
Caracas is the Capital of Venezuela and the most populated city all over the country with more than 4 millions of inhabitants. Caracas is the administrative, financial, commercial and cultural centre of Venezuela.
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Margarita Island Travel Guide Margarita Island Travel Guide
This beautiful Venezuelan island is situated in the southeast Caribbean Sea, near to Coche and Cubagua islands, in the northwest part of Caracas and the north of Araya peninsula of Sucre State.
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Los Llanos Travel Guide Los Llanos Travel Guide
It is one of the most beautiful regions that have Venezuela, it is conformed by the plains which are extensive savannas that occupy approximately the 40% of the Venezuelan surface.
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Maracaibo Travel Guide Maracaibo Travel Guide
It is the capital of Zulia state and is located in the occidental extreme of Venezuela, in the southwest shore of the Maracaibo lake.
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Merida Travel Guide Merida Travel Guide
Mérida is located in the occidental part of Venezuela to an approximately altitude of 1.600 MASL. Most of its territory is located in the Andean region while in its northwestern extreme they can be found plains and lowlands.
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Puerto de la Cruz Travel Guide Puerto de la Cruz Travel Guide
Puerto de la Cruz is considered one of the most important cities in Anzoátegui state. From this port is distributed the tourism that visit the beaches in the Mochima national park and the islands from this zone.
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Cumana Travel Guide Cumana Travel Guide
It is located near the mouth of the Manzanares River, in the northeastern region of Venezuela, is the capital of Sucre state. It was the first city founded on land by the Spaniards in America in the year 1521 and has a great diversity in culture and history.
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Angel Falls Travel Guide Angel Falls Travel Guide
It is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Venezuela, located in the Canaima National Park in Bolivar State, the indigenous culture that inhabited the area Pemón called the cataract as Kerepakupai-Merú which means "falling water to the deepest place".
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Valencia Travel Guide Valencia Travel Guide
Valencia is the capital of the Valencia municipality and the Carabobo state, it is conformed by five autonomous municipalities: Valencia, Naguanagua, San Diego, Los Guayo and Libertador.
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Maracay Travel Guide Maracay Travel Guide
This beautiful city is located in Aragua State, in the central region of the country, about 100 kilometers west of Caracas. It is also known as the "Ciudad Jardin" (garden city).
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Barquisimeto Travel Guide Barquisimeto Travel Guide
Barquisimeto is the fifth most populated city in Venezuela, is known as the "Ciudad de los Crepúsculos"(City of twilight) because of its beautiful sunsets.
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Ciudad Guayana Travel Guide Ciudad Guayana Travel Guide
This city is located in the Bolivar State; it is also the capital of the Caroní municipality. It is a city and a river port located at the confluence of the Caroni and the Orinoco river.
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San Cristobal Travel Guide San Cristobal Travel Guide
This city is located in the western Andes of Venezuela at an altitude of 825 meters above sea level. It is the capital of Tachira state and is also known as the "city of cordiality".
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