Venezuela travel guide



Venezuela Travel Guide

Costs, Money & Banks in Venezuela

The Venezuelan currency is the Bolívar Fuerte (VEF) which replaced the Bolivar (VEB) in January 2008. With the revaluation three zeros where removed from the currency, so that one bolívar fuerte is equal to 1000 bolívares.

Venezuelan Notes
Venezuelan Notes
Venezuelan Coins
Venezuelan Coins

There are notes of denomination of Vs. 2, Vs. 5, Vs. 10, Vs. 20, Vs. 50, Vs. 100.

Money exchange
The US$ is the most commonly accepted foreign currency in Venezuela, so it is recommended to carry cash and traveller’s cheques in US$. Banks do not change cheques or foreign currency, and tourists have to go to exchange offices that mostly can be found in larger cities and airports, it is wise to obtain sufficient Bolívares before taking a trip to the interior.

Credit cards
There are ATMs in the cities and most credit cards, including MasterCard/Eurocard, American Express and Visa, are widely accepted at most hotels, restaurants, shops, and attractions in all but the most remote destinations.

You can also use a credit card to withdraw money from automatic cash machines, which usually dispense up to 100,000 Bs per day. If you require more, you will have to make a transaction over the counter.

Estimated prices
Here an estimation of costs in Venezuela for tourists.

Accommodation: Basic double room with bathroom will generally cost between US$15 – 30 per night. Air-conditioned rooms are more expensive.
Food: A decent meal in a local restaurant will cost between US$7 – 20.
Drinks: Beer and soft drinks cost around 50c (per 222ml bottle), spirits are also cheap and a liter bottle of rum is about US$3.5.
Nightclubs: These vary. Some are free, others may charge up to US$10. Sometimes drinks are included.
Cinemas: US$2-10, depending on size and quality.
Transport: national buses work out at roughly US$2 per hour’s journey. Local bus rides are cheap and cost around 50c.

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