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Existed in these territories indigenous populations which were collectors, these people were dedicated in collection, hunting, and possibly they experimented with the first ways of farming. Before the arrival of the Spaniards, the Territory of Carabobo was inhabited by the tribes Arawaca or Arauca.

This city was founded on March 25th 1555 by the captain Alonso Díaz Moreno, and was named in honor of the Valencia city in Spain, there are some doubts about this topic, it is believed that Alonso Arias Villacinda was the person who really founded the city following the instructions of Diaz Moreno. It was founded with the name "Nueva Valencia del Rey", later it was called "Nuestra Señora de la Anunciación de la Nueva Valencia del Rey" and then "Nuestra Señora del Socorro de la Nueva Valencia del Rey".

During the independence war, big events took place in Valencia, the most famous was the battle of Carabobo, which was held on June 24, 1821, and after six days there was created here the City Council, which was the first in Venezuela.

Due to the separation of Venezuela of the "Gran Colombia", Valencia in 1830 became the capital of the country, in 1858 this city became again the capital of Venezuela, after the overthrow of the Monagas brothers and due to the called March Revolution. In April 1951, at the "VII Asamblea Nacional de Fedecamaras" it was decided to promote Valencia as the industrial center of Venezuela. The City Council decided to grant exemption from patents for industry and commerce to companies that settle in the land of the industrial area of Valencia.

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