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The City of Valencia

Valencia is one of the most important cities in Venezuela and is the capital of the Carabobo state, in the central part of Venezuela, it has been the capital of the country three times, 1812, 1830 and 1858. It is located about 479 meters above sea level and its geography has very beautiful sceneries, some of them can be enjoyed by visiting its national parks. The people in this city are very friendly and they are always disposed to give a warm welcome to the visitors.

It is situated at a crossroads and it is connected with the rest of the country via the Central regional motorway, and the region of Los Llanos by the principal roads. The most outstanding of its urban topography are the narrow streets of the old city centre and its modern bullring. It has an annual average temperature of 26 Celsius, a maximum of 32.6 C and minimum 18.5 C it varies depending on the altitude.

Valencia is known because is an industrial city, and as any other metropolis, it has universities, cultural centers, health centers, malls, museums, etc.. In its surroundings there are a good percentage of the productive industry of Venezuela such as the food, automotive and textile industry. Its economic activities are based on the assembly of vehicle and household appliances, textile and shoe industry, food preparation, metal recycling industry among others.

It has a history full of heroism, struggles and victories, such as the victory obtained in June 24, 1821 which finally sealed the independence of Venezuela. It also has a huge tourist potential because it has natural beauties, warm beaches, interesting historical sites, cultural manifestations and a diverse gastronomy.

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