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Valencia's Aquarium

Valencia's Aquarium
The aquarium J.V. Seijas is the largest aquarium in Venezuela, the first stage of this project was inaugurated on December 21, 1975. It shows a wide variety of river fish, an aviary and a serpentarium.

The Aquarium of Valencia is one of the largest and most complete of the world when we talk about collections of native fish species, it exhibits a variety of fish that represent a significant sample of the beauty in shape and colors of freshwater fish in Venezuela, is also has a zoo with a good variety of non-aquatic animals such as turtles, pumas, cunaguaros, jaguar, and several varieties of foxes, monkeys, etc.

Its main attraction is the show of the trained dolphins called "tontinas" (river dolphins), which are the delight of young and old people; they jump, play, entertain and even wet the public. When you go to Valencia, do not forget to visit this aquarium, you'll enjoy a pleasant moment.

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