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University of Carabobo

University of Carabobo
The University of Carabobo is an autonomous university institution of public and higher education located in Valencia City. It was founded in 1892 under the name of "Ilustre Universidad de Valencia" (illustrious University of Valencia), but its origins date back to 1833, the year in which it was created by the decree of the general and independence hero José Antonio Páez, the first center of higher learning under the name "Colegio de Carabobo" (College of Carabobo).

The Law School is the oldest faculty of the university, which remained closed for about 50 years, but it was reopened in 1959. Includes various institutes and research centers, and offers postgraduate programs in different areas. It also offers pre and post graduate courses in diverse areas, and currently, it has a population of approximately 52,000 students.

Seeks to develop and disseminate innovative and competitive knowledge in order to be able to provide an ethical and integral education to highly qualified professionals and technicians.

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