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Municipal Theater of Valencia

Municipal Theater of Valencia
This theater that is located in Colombia Street, exactly at the crossroads of Carabobo Street near the Faculty of Law of the University of Carabobo. It was built by the orders of the president of Venezuela, Antonio Guzmán Blanco and the governor of Carabobo State, Don Hermógenes Lopez in 1879 and was inaugurated in October 1894.

This theater is a replica of the opera house in Paris, it was designed by architect Antonio Malaussena and has a capacity of 647 seats, 378 of them are located in the Patio, 118 in the first balcony and 151 in the second balcony. The Plafónd of the theater was decorated by the painter Antonio Herrera Toro.

On December 2, 1964 it was declared a National Monument because of its great architectural value and is now considered one of the largest buildings of this type in Venezuela.

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