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Henri Pittier Park

Henri Pittier Park
This park has an area of 107,800 hectares and is located in the central coastal region of Venezuela between the states of Aragua and Carabobo near to the towns Choroni, Cuyagua, Chuao, Cata, La Cienaga, Turiamo and Ocumare.

It was declared as National Park on February 13, 1937 and is the oldest park in the country, was originally created in 1937 under the name Rancho Grande, but it was renamed in 1953. This park can be visited throughout the road that goes from Maracay to El Limon, passing by Rancho Grande and going down by Ocumare de la Costa, and by the road that goes from Maracay to Las Delicias and arrives to Choroni.

It has more than 500 species of birds and at least 22 endemic or restricted distribution species, some of them in danger of extinction for example the jaguar (Panthera onca), puma (Puma concolor), cunaguaro (Felis pardalis), cuchicuchi (Potos flavus), weasel (Eira barbara), etc. It also gives home to 520 species of birds and various mammals such as "dantas", "cunaguaros", pumas, limpets and monkeys.

It possesses an enormous vegetable diversity due to the great quantity of implicated environments, from Gramineae and shrubberies in the lower zones, to the humid jungles in the high areas passing by the typical savanna vegetation.

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