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Valencia Travel Guide

Getting Around Valencia

Buses & Taxis
The bus routes are somewhat confusing because there aren't enough signs in the roads, there are many private buses enterprises in this city. The bus service to other cities normally departs from Big Low Center, it is a bus station located outside of the city, in the municipality San Diego. Taxis are available anywhere in the city and you can take one anywhere you are.

It was decided to build a subway in Valencia due to the uncontrolled growth of the population and the inadequacy of public transport. This transport system is working since November 2006 and connects the south with the center of the city. This was a project of the Mayor's Office of Valencia; it was funded and implemented by the national government through the Ministry of Infrastructure.

This project consists of two railway stations formed by the center line of the national railway system that covers the Puerto Cabello route. This crossroads is joined together with the lines 1 and 2 of the subway in the City.

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