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Valencia, the capital of Carabobo state, has several tourist attractions which are detailed below:

Negra Hipolita Park Negra Hipolita Park
It is located in the northeast part of Valencia City, near to the banks of the river Cabriales. In this recreation and Leisure Park, Valencian people go there in order to play, ride skates or bicycles and do some exercise.

Dunas Park Dunas Park
This is an entertainment park located in the north part of the city; it was inaugurated in July 1994, and has an area of 42,000 m2 and a capability for 5,000 people.

Henri Pittier National Park Henri Pittier National Park
This park has an area of 107,800 hectares and is located in the central coastal region of Venezuela between the states of Aragua and Carabobo.

Fernando Peñalver Park Fernando Peñalver Park
Peñalver Park is the ideal place that Valencian people use to walk through their boundaries, do exercise, jogging or just rest of the agitated urban rhythm, also has a place where young people learn about the traffic signals.

Valencia's Aquarium Valencia's Aquarium
The aquarium J.V. Seijas is the largest aquarium in Venezuela, the first stage of this project was inaugurated on December 21, 1975. It shows a wide variety of river fish, an aviary and a serpentarium.

Casa de La Estrella Casa de La Estrella
It is one of the oldest houses in Valencia, it has a high historical value because of the events that happened here.

Casa Celis Casa Celis
This colonial building was built in 1765 by Cavalry Colonel Don Ramon de Ibarrolaburu y Añorga. The house is named that way in honor to the Colonel Pedro Celis.

Municipal Theater of Valencia Municipal Theater of Valencia
It was built by the orders of the president of Venezuela, Antonio Guzmán Blanco and the governor of Carabobo State, Don Hermógenes Lopez in 1879 and was inaugurated in October 1894.

Valencia Cathedral Valencia Cathedral
This catedral is dedicated to venerate the Virgen del Socorro, the saint patron of Valencia, the construction of this building began in 1580.

Capitolio Capitolio
This beautiful building is located in Plaza Sucre in Valencia City, it has been recently restored and at present time is the seat of regional government.

University of Carabobo University of Carabobo
The University of Carabobo is an autonomous university institution of public and higher education located in Valencia City, it was founded in 1892 under the name of "Ilustre Universidad de Valencia" (illustrious University of Valencia).

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