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San Cristobal Travel Guide

The City of San Cristobal

This city was founded in 1561 by the Spanish Juan Maldonado is located in the Venezuelan Andes and it's surrounded by mountains and natural landscapes, is an eminently commercial city because of its status as state capital and its proximity to the frontier of Colombia. In terms of population, is the sixth city after the city of Maracay, Valencia, Barquisimeto, Maracaibo and Caracas.

The economic, cultural and social activities are conditioned by its geography; among its principal economic activities we can emphasize the tourism, the agriculture industry, the food industry, production of coffee, sugar cane and tobacco, etc. There is also around the city oil, as well as gold, silver, copper, iron and coal mines.

Has been the birthplace of several renowned personalities such as historians, musicians, writers and politicians, etc.. Its people are known for being friendly, honest, open and willing to offer assistance to those who are in their territory. This peculiar feature has made the city known as "the cordiality city".

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