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Museum of Anthropology of Tachira

Museum of Anthropology of Tachira
This museum has been operating since 1984 on the lands that were occupied by the Paramillo ranch, which possessed large corridors and ample courtyards, it was a place where the coffee was cultivated and processed in the colonial epoch.

The museum has 10 rooms which are used as exhibition and recreation halls, in addition, it has a specializing library in topics like anthropology, archeology, history and folklore. It also has a ceramics studio, as well as a space for the presentation of concerts and the theatrical practice.

In addition to the rooms previously listed it is also available to the public other areas such as. For example the area in charge of preserving the public relationships and in charge of providing information to the public in general as well as organizing the tours inside the museum. Inside the museum there is a rest area used for the recreation and also used to implement special programs, for example music and theater shows.

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