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San Cristobal Travel Guide

Getting to San Cristobal

You can get to this city by using diverse means of transportation, which are listed below:

By Air:
This city has just one airport, which is located inside the center of the city, we refer to Paramillo Airport. It has a limited capacity and is used for both military and civil purposes. Among the principal airports that offer flights to this city we can list the following:
• The international airport of Santo Domingo which is the nearest to San Cristobal and has direct connections to Caracas and Valencia.
• The international airport Juan Vicente Gómez de San Antonio del Tachira, which is the most famous airport in the State and serves as a bridge between Colombia and Venezuela.
• La Fria airport located 40 km at the north of the city, which has been recently re-inaugurated.

By Bus
There are several bus services in order to get to this city by road, these services depart from cities such as Caracas, Merida, Maracaibo. The main roads to get to San Cristobal are the Panamericana and the Trasandina roads.

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