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Best of San Cristobal

This city is full of interesting attractions, the principal are listed below:

Museum of Anthropology of Tachira Museum of Anthropology of Tachira
This museum has been operating since 1984 on the lands that were occupied by the Paramillo ranch, which possessed large corridors and ample courtyards.

Cathedral of San Cristobal Cathedral of San Cristobal
It is located between the 5 Street and Road 3, in its firsts years the cathedral of the city was a small chapel, which had to be remodeled several times due to earthquakes that hit the city.

Palacio Episcopal Palacio Episcopal
It is located next to the Cathedral of San Cristobal, it is a neo-colonial style building which operates as the seat of ecclesiastical power in the region.

Palacio Los Leones Palacio Los Leones
It is located between the Street and 5 Road 10, like most of the monuments of this region, it was built during the 1930s, during the government of Juan Vicente Gómez, was named this way because the two lions that crown structure.

Church of San Juan Bautista Church of San Juan Bautista
It is the second most important church after cathedral of San Cristobal. It is located between the Road 4 and the 13th and 14th Streets.

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