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Venezuelan Recipes

Venezuelan cuisine is a mixture of African, native Indian and European flavors which has evolved over the centuries. It also shares many Caribbean influences in its flavours, techniques and ingredients. It is a flavoursome but not necessarily hot cuisine, using ingredients like sweet peppers, garlic, onions and coriander as flavour enhancers. If you came to Venezuela to try everything will be fun, but eating well and healthy is needed. Having controlled levels of body fat is vital to prevent heart related and other diseases. Here we explain how to calculate your body fat index. Not all people have the same ideal body fat percentage. It varies with age, sex and genetics. An adult might be better at a higher or lower body fat than another adult in the same age and sex.

The banana is one of the most present food in Venezuelan cuisine. This food high in magnesium is the protagonist of many great recipes: pavillion, venezuelan tajadas, banana cookies, banana cake, patacones or tostones.

Here some of the tipycal Venezuelan dishes:

Venezuelan Arepas
The accompanist par excellence of the typical dishes of Venezuela.
Pabellón Nacional
Pabellón Criollo
One of the most representative dish in the Venezuelan culinary.
A tradicional venezuelan chritmas dish.
Sancocho de Gallina
Sancocho de Gallina
Traditional venezuelan soup.
Torta de Jojoto
Torta de Jojoto
A corn cake.
Dulce de Lechoza
Dulce de Lechoza
Dessert made with papaya, sugar, and cinnamon
Flan caraqueño
Flan Caraqueño
Popular dessert in Caracas.
Pancakes or tamales of fresh corn dough

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