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It is today the capital of the municipality Sotillo in the Anzoátegui state, it was inhabited for cumanagotos and Caribbean indigenous until the arrival of Spaniards. In 1517, Bartolomé de Las Casas attempted to establish his essay called "spiritual government" but this attempt was frustrated by slave trades of the Antillas, provoking several native uprisings.

By 1570 the captain Francisco Martínez went to the territory in which was located "El Salado" and founded the "Santiago de los Caballeros"city. Just after its foundation, the city was besieged by a group of natives under the command of Antonio Barrasa during fourteen days, this siege culminated thanks to the help provided by their neighbors from Margarita and the cacique píritu Cavare or Cavallo.

On May 25, 1783 it was visited by Luis de Chávez y Mendoza, who gave a plot of land to each indigenous family in this community. On April 9, 1862, a group of 26 fishers from Margarita decided to live in that place and dedicating to agricultural jobs, by April 19 they already had made several ranches and traced 2 streets of 100 meters each. However, in Febrary 2, 1868 the town was totally destroyed by a fire, later, it was reconstructed with the help of the general José Ruperto Monagas.

The port was growing thanks to a migration, formed mainly by people from Margarita, in the first decades of the XX century a group of foreign people was established, they were principally tradespeople from Middle Eastern and the Mediterranean Sea. The fact of being on a shores of a deep water bay made easier to accomplish its function as a international traffic port, almost a exclusive oil port.

At present, it homes several industries: Nutrition, bottling plants, furniture, confection and rubber manufactures, mechanics, electric, construction materials; At the same manner, they have developed local printed and audiovisual media. Services in general have experienced an enormous growing, becoming a main attraction for national and foreign visitors which are attracted by its colonial architecture and its beautiful beaches.

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