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Puerto Cruz Travel Guide

The City of Puerto de la Cruz

Puerto de la Cruz is one of the major tourist attractions and most important cities in Venezuela. It is a port city that is located in Anzoátegui state, the capital of the municipality Sotillo, at the same time it is linked to the state capital, Barcelona, Lechería and Guanta, conforming this way, the biggest and most important metropolitan area in the east coast of Venezuela.

From this port can be done several maritime excursions, for example, it is possible to go to Margarita island by taking a ferry, there are also ship departures that border and navigate around the little islands that border the city, for example islands such as Las Chimanas, Cachicamo and Borracha. During these journeys you can enjoy a pleasant day at the Caribbean Sea, you can watch cetaceous during the walking around the seaboard.

Among the most important beaches, which are located outside of town, we can mention La Plata island, Conoma and Arapito, these have a great beauty and constitute the front door to the Mochima national park, one of the most beautiful parks in Venezuela, in which is located another precious beach, the Playa Colorada.

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