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Mochima national park

Mochima national park
It is a national park located to to 600 meters over the sea level; it is located between the states Sucre and Anzoátegui in the west of Venezuela, among cities Barcelona Puerto La Cruz and Cumaná.

It is one of most desired tourist destinations in Venezuela; it has diverse beauty and homes spectacular beaches such as as the gulf Santa Fe, the archipelago La Borracha, the peninsula Manare and the bay Mochima, islands, such as Caracas Island and Chimaná islands as well as a singular combination of mountains.

It is an ideal place to practice skin-diving and another aquatic activities because almost 80 percent of its extension is located in the Caribbean Sea.

The fauna is very rich in species, it has a great number of resident and migratory sea birds, marine turtles and other reptiles such as iguanas, black lizards, serpents, it possesses an enormous diversity of invertebrate mariners and a great wealth in fishes that are very important for the handmade fishing.

There is a varied vegetation where predominate the cactus, shrubberies, ferns and orchids, part of this flora is conformed by mangles and herb of glass. There are also cactaceous such as the guamacho and leguminous such as the "cují yaque" and the "dividive". In the high zone, the vegetation is exuberant and there are plenty of ferns and orchids, the national Venezuelan flower.

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