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Puerto Cruz Travel Guide

Getting to Puerto de la Cruz

It is possible to travel to Puerto La Cruz by bus, air or sea.

By bus
Traveling by bus to Puerto La Cruz is always an adventure, the trip lasts for about 6 hours and normally it is taken a bus from Caracas, they leave approximately every hour, until 10:30 pm. You can ask any person how to arrive to the nearest Terminal.

By air
Traveling by air is the more comfortable, fastest and reliable way to arrive to this city, however, this trip can be expensive. The nearest airport to Puerto La Cruz is in Barcelona, the capital of Anzoategui state. The flights from the interior of the country use to last about 40 minutes.

By Sea
The seaway is the most exciting way to arrive to Puerto La Cruz. The city has important ports as well as innumerable docks in the nearby islands. There are many tourist agencies that rent yachts and boats in order to move around the bay and visit the islands.

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