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Getting Around Puerto de la Cruz

It is the best way to move around the city because this is the most reliable and safest way, it costs about 5 to 10 dollars that is ten times more expensive than taking the local bus, and however, the price can be negotiated with the taxi driver.
When you take a taxi, you must be sure that the vehicle is 100 percent legal, the authorized taxis are usually marked with the name of the company whom they belong. The unauthorized taxis do not have any mark, most of the time they are in very badly conditions and they are very insecure.

Most of them are antique and uncomfortable.
If you choose this transporting system, have a lot of trouble in order to find out which bus you must take to get to your destination, many times even the people who lives in the port spend so many times in the same thing. If you travel outside the city, so you'll need to use the bus station to take a car or a bus to go to your destination, this station isn't a very friendly place for tourists.

Puerto La Cruz shows off some of the most beautiful beaches in the country, you can get to these beaches by land and then take a boat in order to take a walk around them. To visit this islands, you will need to go Paseo Colon where are the boats stations.
The prices for a trip vary year after year and supposedly they lease every 30 minutes, however, sometimes you must be waiting for a while before starting the trip because the boats's owners wait as much as possible to gain more clients.

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