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Best of Puerto de la Cruz

Here we have a list of the best atractions of this city. Please click on them in order to get more information about them.

Paseo Colon Paseo Colon
Paseo Colón is an ample pedestrian walk that borders all the beach in Puerto la Cruz, it is located in the North part of the city.

Mochima national park Mochima national park
It is one of most desired tourist destinations in Venezuela; it has spectacular beaches such as as the gulf Santa Fe, the archipelago La Borracha, the peninsula Manare and the bay Mochima, etc.

Arapo y Arapito Arapo y Arapito
They are situated to some 22 KM of Puerto La Cruz; it is one of the seaside resorts that conform the Mochima national park.

Fortín de la Magdalena Fortín de la Magdalena
Fortín de la Magdalena was built in 1799, is located in the hill called "El Morro".

Casa Fuerte Casa Fuerte
It is an antique colonial Franciscan convent, after some time changed its name after it was occupied by the patriots during the taking of Barcelona, it is located to the west of Plaza Bolívar.

Park Andres Eloy Blanco Park Andres Eloy Blanco
It is located in Prolongación Paseo Colón Avenue, in front of the Ferry Terminal; it is a very quiet park, ideal to share an afternoon with the members of the family.

Isla de Plata Isla de Plata
It is a small and popular island, its sands are white and its water is clear and clean.

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