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Parque de Los Conquistadores

Parque de Los Conquistadores
This park was constructed in 1935 in honor to the first men who climbed the Bolívar peak, in this park is shown an sculptural group of people in bronze in which appear Domingo Peña, the one who took the climbers to conquest the peak, the professor and climber Enrique Bourgoins Paredes, the dog Nevado, the mule and the muleteer that accompanied them.

It was made by the artist the Manuel de la Fuente and it is located in Paseo Domingo Peña or Paseo de la Feria. The park also he is known by the name "Mirador de las Aguilas" (viewpoint of the eagles), because this is a privileged point to contemplate "las cinco águilas blancas" (the five white eagles) or the five principal peaks that raise off the city.

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