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Mérida city was founded in October 9, 1558 as a part of New Granada; it was founded by the Spanish captain Juan Rodríguez Suárez and a group of soldiers in present population of "San Juan de Lagunillas". This Spanish captain came across with a little population of natives in the moment he was arriving to the Andean lands, this was the start point of the foundation of Mérida city, and the city had great importance during the independence war.

Its growing was slow during the colonial epoch; the trips to America were only possible with the previous authorization of the Spanish king, this situation made almost impossible the immigration to these lands. By the year 1628 the Jesuits created a school that worked in an efficient manner during approximately a century and a half until the Jesuits were expelled from America in 1767. The Brother Juan Ramos de Lora was appointed as the bishop of the new Diocese, and decides to create, the San Buenaventura seminary on March 29, 1785 in order to teach give ecclesiastic education and Latin language to young people. This seminary would become later in the base of the Andes University.

In March 26, 1812 it was produced a huge earthquake in the city, which was called the earthquake of the Holy Week Thursday because it happened in the Holy Week. This event constituted one of the main causes of the first fall of the Republic. In December 22, 1817 exploded in the city a revolutionary movement called "La Patriecita", it was directed by Antonio Paredes, he was attempting to free the city from the Spanish oppression.

The history of this city has been always related to the University of the Andes history and its development has been fundamental to it. During the years 80, 90 and 2000 the city has suffered considerable student protests that have even forced to close temporarily commercial shops and paralyzed academic and labor activities. The most serious protest was registered in the year 1987, during this disturbance it was necessary the intervention of The Venezuelan army in order to recover the control and public order after weeks of its beginning.

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