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Merida Travel Guide

The City of Merida

It is one of the principal cities in the Venezuelan Andes. It was founded in the year 1558 as a part of New Granada, this beautiful city is surrounded by huge mountains, and it has a beautiful colonial center, parks painted in a picturesque green color and very hospitable people that have a cordial and kind treatment.

The city is adorned by beautiful plazas for example the Bolívar square and the Beethoven square, it is also surrounded by colonial buildings such as the government palace, the Archbishop's palace, the headquarters of the University of the Andes and the cathedral.

Mérida is full of youth, because is plenty of the student life, the city keeps universities that have plenty of tradition and that are the most antiques in the country, its university system has approximately the 50 percent of the total student population in Venezuela.

The culture in this city is abundant because here live an important number of artists, painters, writers, actors, etc. In the same manner, it has several cultural centers and convention centers which are the venue of important expositions and festivities of various themes.

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