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Mérida is a place that has several parks and plazas than can be visited easily as well as most of the attractions in the downtown of Mérida. It also has an important cable car system that offers all the comforts to visit the Bolívar Mountains. If you have your own car it won't cost very much paying for gasoline, because Venezuela is an important oil exporter.

In spite of the fuel doesn't have a high cost, it is not necessary to have your own car in order to visit the city because the taxis are relatively abundant and cheap, they charge about one and two dollars in rent. Most of the taxi drivers are very honest, but even so, negotiating the price before taking a taxi is a good idea, because nobody has a taximeter.

It has a huge local bus system that connects its metropolitan area as well as buses that go to near towns. This system is one of the best public transport services in all the country. In despite of this it is very cheap taking a bus in this city and using this means of transportation is a little confusing to those who recently get to the city. In the last years this means of transportation has been suffering an increasing demand and it could be entering to a stage of collapse.

After many of studying the case, it was proposed the construction of a massive transportation system that wouldn't contaminate the city. This is the first public transportation system in being constructed in a city than has less than half a million inhabitants in Latin America. This system has as its main objective the communication between Mérida and Ejido cities, and intends at the same time, to join the metropolitan areas they form.

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