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MBA Programs in Venezuela

MBA in Venezuela Its principal objective is to transform professionals and enterprisers people in agents of change through the creation, diffusion and application knowledge about management and businesses, this way the students contribute the integral development of their organizations and their societies.

It provides training that combines analytical skills and managerial skills in order to develop leadership attitudes in students. It also makes extensive use of technology, both at the dictation of courses and workshops, as in the development of the participants.

The classes at the MBA courses are taught by teachers who are recognized for their successful career and business education, which ensures the wealth of learning and a rigorous education. The MBA curriculum is revised and maintained according to the most demanding international standards. At the same time, teachers are checking continuously the student progress, the courses they teach and the working groups. They are also organized seminars, forums and conferences within the scope of the program.

Aiming to achieve the specific purposes of learning, other means are used as teaching support: bibliographic reviews, business conferences by personalities that belong to the business sphere, visits to institutions, individual and team research, etc.

In Venezuela you will find a significant number of institutions offering this type of masters, which have a great education and are recognized internationally.

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