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Plaza Bolivar

Plaza Bolivar
This famous square is located between the avenues Miranda and Bolivar. Plaza Bolivar is the largest in Venezuela, its dimensions are 320 meters long and 106 wide. Moreover, this plaza has abundant vegetation that oxygenates its surroundings.

It was inaugurated by general Juan Vicente Gómez on December 19, 1930 remembering the anniversary of the death of the Liberator Simón Bolívar, its design was made by Ernesto Raúl Villanueva and Carlos Leon.

The plaza has 2 small squares, 5 water fountains and a statue of Simón Bolívar made by the Italian artist Antonio Garibaldi which measures 4.2 meters. The Plaza is part of group of a buildings known as the "Simón Bolívar civic complex" conformed by the Garden hotel, the headquarters and the Paez plaza, Sucre headquarters, the Maracay clinic, the Libertador casino and the Opera theater.

It is very common in Venezuela that the Bolivar square is located in front of the cathedral or the main church; however, in Maracay it is located in front of the Girardot plaza.

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