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The City of Maracay

Maracay, also known as the Garden City is located in the political and administrative center region and is the capital of Aragua state and the Municipality of Girardot. It is located in the coastal mountains, between the Aragua valley and the shores of the Tacarigua or Valencia lake, approximately, at an altitude of 445 meters above sea level. This city was the birthplace of several heroes of the Venezuelan independence.

The city began to to be inhabited in the century XVII, but it was officially declared as population on March 5, 1701, at that time it was erected as the vice-parish of the church of "San Jose de Maracay".

Between 1908 and 1935, during the dictatorship of the General Juan V. Gomez it was the political capital of Venezuela, in this epoch the city acquired the nickname "the Garden City", it became the military city of Venezuela, and the cradle of the aviation in the country. They were also built during this years several recreation, infrastructure, and military buildings.

It is the interior city in Venezuela which has the biggest number of museums and the biggest number of water fountains. Comprises the municipalities of Girardot, Mario Briceño Iragorry, Francisco Linares Alcántara, José Angel Lamas, Santiago Mariño, Sucre and Libertador. It is the fourth most populated city in Venezuela.

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