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Maracay Travel Guide

Getting to Maracay

Maracay city has a small airport that hosts flights from different cities near to it. Buses arrive and depart from Terminal Maracay bus. The bus station of Maracay is very chaotic and produces lots of delays when it is wanted to to travel to another city. If you use the Terminal, make sure to be there early because in some seasons the lines are very long.

Once you get to the city you'll see that the public service transportation is readily available, although a bit messy. If you take a taxi in the city make sure it is part of a transport company, be careful when loading the luggage in the vehicle and try to not sit on the side of the vehicle's wheels.

You will see many taxis in the city, because this is the most popular business in Venezuela and it is also cheaper. Almost all the taxis have no taximeter, and therefore you must negotiate a price with the driver.

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