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Vereda del Lago

Vereda del Lago
It is one of the most preferred spreading options for people from Maracaibo as well as all of their visitors. It is a long and beautiful walk adjacent to the lake, from which is possible to appreciate the Rafael Urdaneta bridge in the distance. It is often visited by sporty people that are interested in taking long walks and the practice of biking. It is also frequently visited by family men who take their children to the recreation parks that function there.

Its creation as a metropolitan park was accomplished in September 2001, it has a surface of 68 hectares and it receives around 400 thousand of visitors per month. It has sports structures to the practice of soccer and volleyball beach, it also has set of high quality tennis courts.

The visitors can take internal streetcar of the park which toured the main attractions of Maracaibo, as well as one of the three little trains that offer internal walks as a guided visit. One of the newest and most visited places is the zoo park; this is largely frequented by children of distinct educational institutions of Zulia state. Its success is because is possible to stroke the ducks, rabbits, hens, water turtles and even ostriches.

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