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It was discovered in August 24, 1499 in an expedition directed by the marine Alonso Ojeda, who was partner of Christopher Columbus in his second trip. In this expedition his ship bumped into a gulf which the aborigines called "Coquibacoa", when they explored it, they realized that it had a connection with big freshwater body inside the territory, they noticed that inside an abundant mangrove there was a community that had houses constructed over the lake, just as the houses in Venice are constructed.

Since the moment this paradise was discovered, it was baptized as the "little Venice", this denomination with the pass of the years was degenerated transforming its name in Venezuela. When the Spanish people arrived to American region that belongs to the extreme west region of Venezuela, it existed already the Maracaibo region, enough populated and bloomed. It wasn't difficult for the Iberian people to interact with the existent population in Maracaibo, which was a cheerful population.

This city was founded three times. The first time was in the year 1529, by the german Ambrosio Alfinger he gave it the name of "Maracaibo" or "Villa de Maracaibo" but in 1535 Nicolás Federmán ordered to evacuate and transfer this population to the "Cabo de la Vela" near to the Coro. After a second and failed attempt by the captain Alonso Pacheco, in 1573 the governor Diego de Mazariegos decided to reestablish the city, confiding to the captain Pedro Maldonado this assignment, in 1574 it was founded the city "Nueva Zamora de Maracaibo" in honor to the governor Mazariegos, who was born in Spain, after this event the city began to develop and to grow in all aspects.

The Zulia state and its correspondent capital, Maracaibo,they have been a region and a suffered city, at the present time they are copiously productive and they have a notable prosperous attitude, during much more than than fifty years this region have produced over the sixty percent of useful incomes of Venezuela, thanks to its interminable petroliferous production that is still working.

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