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Maracaibo is known as "La ciudad del sol amada", the second most important city of Venezuela and it is located in Zulia state; Here is located the Maracaibo lake, the biggest lake in Latin America. In spite of being one of the hottest cities in Venezuela, it is a very nice city and a cosy place for them who visit it.

It plays a very important role in the Venezuelan economy, because there it is extracted, refine and export a high percentage of oil in this country. The people in here is very friendly, the city is really beautiful and has lots of interesting things, it is full of contrasts, it is a place where melt costumes, traditions and a gastronomy that comes from centuries ago, with the economic, cultural and technological activity that belongs to the present day.

It has very interesting tourist attractions such as, diverse buildings, magical zones and great natural sights, for example beautiful towns, churches and beaches, interesting museums, first class restaurants, comfortable tourist complexes, etc. If you visit this lace some day this beautiful city you must visit places such as "El paseo", Bolívar square, "El saladillo", Baralt theather, don't forget to visit shopping centers such as the Galerías Mall, Lago mall, Doral center mall, etc.

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