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Maracaibo Cathedral

Is is located in the Bolivar square, in the urban historic heart of Maracaibo. It is the center cult in the Holy Week when all the church centers its attention in the celebration of the Christian Easter mystery.

In 1595 were built the firsts walls that substituted the primitive church made of wooden with a roof made of palms that "Don de Maldonado" put up in 1574, and in 1650 it was culminated, its construction has three naves, a tower with two bodies and roofs made of wooden and roof with tiles. Between 1800 and 1817 it was reconstructed by of architect Don Carlos Mijares and the April 18 of 1818 it was consecrated as Catedral.

Even though it preserves original elements from the XVIII and XIX centuries such as walls constructed with the called "stone of eye" (piedra de ojo), the cupola, the bell tower and most of the structure come from the XX century, specifically from the 70 decade. Nevertheless, the aspect that presents at the present time, tries to recreate the structure of the XIX century, it means the neoclassical and colonial style.

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