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House Morales

House Morales
It is also known as the House of Capitulation, it is a beautiful and unique construction that has a civil style, and was built in the colonial epoch. It was constructed in the XVIII century by Inés Mancebo de Zuloaga, it was the residence of the Spanish governors until the XVIII century.

Its name and its historic importance is because here was signed the capitulation that he finished up the oppressing power of the Spanish crown in Venezuela, after battle of the Lake Maracaibo.

Inside the building it protects the paintings of Simón Bolívar, the signatories of the letter of capitulation and the painting of General Francisco de Mirandae. It is told that this house gave shelter to Simón Bolívar during one of his visits to Maracaibo. At present time it constitutes the Zulia history academy headquarters and the Bolivariana Society headquarters and it is the meeting place of group of ladies that are dedicated to weave fine Maracaibo suns.

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