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Maracaibo Travel Guide

Getting to Maracaibo

It is too easy to get to this city, it doesn't represent any difficulty arriving to Maracaibo, and among the means of transport to get there we can mention:

By sea
The harbor of Maracaibo permits an easy access to this city thanks to its privileged position. Nowadays it has opened the markets of Andean, Caribbean, Atlantic Ocean countries markets, the Panama Canal, the South of The United States and Central America.

By air
Exist several transporting agencies to get to Maracaibo by air; "La Chinita International Airport" is the principal airport in the city.

By bus
It has a very complete bus service which makes possible to get to this city much more faster. Maracaibo is the point of arriving of Venezuela if you take the most direct route from Santa Marta in Colombia. By the night you can take a bus with destination to Caracas, San Cristóbal and Mérida.

By car
If you ant to travel by your own, Maracaibo has a wide range of ways to get to the city. You can use the Lara-Zulia highway, the Falcon-Zulia highway, the General Rafael Urdaneta bridge.

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