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Maracaibo Travel Guide

Getting Around Maracaibo

There are several options in order to get aroun this beautiful city, here are some of them:

Taxis in Maracaibo are not expensive at all, if we make a comparison with prices offered in another cities such as Caracas for example.
If you take a taxi, it is recommendable to do it by a phone call or, if it is not possible to do it this way, walking toward a taxi service point. If you need an advice or help to take a taxi, do not hesitate in asking to any store, they they are always willing to offer some help.

The subway in Maracaibo is also known with the name "Metro del Sol Amado", this massive transporting system has a modern and reliable infrastructure; it has 6 stations that connect distinct points around the city.

The publish transport is not very good, taking a bus is very annoying because always is full of people and it isn't very safe. You must very careful if you chose this means of transport, taking a taxi is more recommendable.

It is maybe the best way to have a direct contact with the city; however this isn't a city to take a walk because it is designed for the circulation of cars, buses and carts pulled by donkeys.
If you decide to take a walk in the streets of Maracaibo, don't forget to protect yourself from the sun using a good sun block cream because here, the radiation is very strong, and if you decide to walk during the night try to be always alert and be sure of knowing well all the streets you walk.

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