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Best of Maracaibo

Here we have a list of the best atractions of this city. Please click on them in order to get more information about them.

Lake Maracaibo
It is the most important lake route that exists in Venezuela and constitutes a very important communication mean for the near communities and commerces such as the towns located oriental coast of San Timoteo lake, Ceuta and Bachaquero.

"Virgen de La Chinita" Monument
This monument is located at the place of the revelation of the Virgin of the Rosary of Chiquinquirá, it is a sacred place that transmits peace and rejoicing. The central image is 16 height meters and every meter has a sublime meaning.

The Government Palace
It was originally know as "The major house", but then, it received the name of "The Eagles Palace" or "The Condors Palace", because they were included in 1929 to its cornice a couple of figures similar to condors as part of its decoration.

Vereda del Lago
It is one of the most preferred spreading options for people from Maracaibo as well as all of their visitors. It is a long and beautiful walk adjacent to the lake, from which is possible to appreciate the Rafael Urdaneta bridge in the distance.

Maracaibo Cathedral
It is the center cult in the Holy Week when all the church centers its attention in the celebration of the Christian Easter mystery.

Our Lady of Rosario of Chiquinquira Basilica
It is a symbol of the Zulia region, it is known in Venezuela as the basilica of the virgin of Chiquinquirá or "La Chinita".

Santa Barbara church
The antique Santa Bárbara hermitage or the Inmaculada church, it is a place that has a very dynamic and controversial history.

The Baralt Theater
This theater was inaugurated the July 24, 1883, and in 1928 it was ordered and executed the demolition of the old theater and four years later, in 1932, it was inaugurated in the same corner the new Baralt Theater.

Bolivar Square
It is located near to the 95 street, between the 4 and 5 avenues, it was the functional nucleus of the antique colonial city, and used to be known as "San Sebastián de Concordia" major square.

Lía Bermúdez Art Center
The Lía Bermúdez Art Center of Maracaibo was constructed in the place that functioned during 40 years the principal market of the city, it is a peculiar building and its metallic structure was brought from Europa.

House Morales
It is also known as the House of Capitulation, it is a beautiful and unique construction that has a civil style, and was built in the colonial epoch.

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