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Los Llanos Travel Guide

Los Llanos Overview

The Venezuelan plains have an enormous tourist potential, especially in the environmental or ecological tourism since many bird observers from everywhere around the world visit the plains in order to see its rich fauna.

The plains are irrigated by several rivers that form the Orinoco river basin and during the rain epoch there are strong flooding in which their waters overflow, they mix, and cover all the zone becoming the zone in a big wetland, it is a life source and a reproduction zone of the diverse animals that live there.

The landscape is completely flat, it has long grass extensions than remember a lot to the Pampa of Argentine. These plains are sprinkled with scrubland zones, palm tree zones, gallery forests in the banks and even in some dry forests zones.

It lodges a set of different species that are in danger of extinction, for example the Orinoco crocodile and the giant otter, just like another threatened species like the jaguar, the puma or the freshwater dolphin. There are also plenty of anacondas, glass alligators or "babas", the "chigüires" or "capibaras", the anteaters and the howler monkeys.

The extensive cattle is the economic activity per excellence, so cows mixed with zebu as well as water buffaloes, the cattle is conducted for the famous "Llaneros", the people that inhabit the plain.

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