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Hato La Fe Corozopando

Hato La Fe Corozopando
It is situated in the heart of the Venezuelan plains, 52 Km to the south of Calabozo, in the municipality of Sebastián Francisco de Miranda; it is an exceptional place for those people who love nature. The most interesting of Hato La Fe are the excursions that can be done; they are guided by the people who work there.

El caño: There are plenty birds and hundred of animals such as araguatos and those reddish monkeys characteristic of the plains. They can be seen close to the bird nests and watch the eggs in the nests or the young pigeons waiting for for their food.

Estero de Camaguán, río Portuguesa y San Fernando: Knowing San Fernando de Apure and watching one of the best spectacles of the plains, the nightfall is an estuary, when hundred of birds prepare in order to pass the night under the sky painted in unforgettable colors.

Masaguaral: It has an alligator reserve of the Orinoco and fauna and the birds from this zone.

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