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Los Llanos Travel Guide

Getting to Los Llanos

Probably, the ideal moment to go to this place is spring, between the rainy and the dry epoch, because the animals concentrate around the water during this dry season. It is not commendable to go during the winter, in this epoch rains often and is very difficult to see the fauna because the animals are dispersed.

There are a lot of flights from all around the world toward Caracas, you can take a flight to this city from your origin country and from there you can go to Mérida by airplane. From Caracas to the Hato Garza are about five or six hours by car, in a light aircraft the journey lasts approximately one hour. There also exist connections by bus from Caracas ( 12 hours trip), from Ciudad Bolívar ( 16 hours trip) and Puerto Ordaz ( 17 hours trip).

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