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Los Llanos Travel Guide

Best of Los Llanos

Here we have som places that you must visit when you go to Los Llanos

Hato Piñero Hato Piñero
Hato Piñero, is located in the central plains of Venezuela, it is a clearly cattle place bordered by 3 rivers and a mountain range where hundreds of species of wild animals live enjoying their freedom.

Hato La Fé Corozopando Hato La Fé Corozopando
It is situated in the heart of the Venezuelan plains, 52 Km to the south of Calabozo, in the municipality of Sebastián Francisco de Miranda, it is an exceptional place for those people who love nature.

Hato el Cedral Hato el Cedral
It is located in Apure state, it is a refuge for the wild fauna of the Venezuelan plains that has a surface of 53000 hectares and it is dedicated to the preservation biodiversity and the cattle raise.

Hato el Frío Hato el Frío
It is located in Apure state, to the south of San Fernando, it is an exceptional region with spacious areas and wild animals for example river dolphins, iguanas, turtles, capybaras, etc.

Rafting in Barinas Rafting in Barinas
Visiting the rapid rivers in Barinas is a different and exiting option, it is ideal for those who are looking for a recreational, sports, different and full of emotion choice.

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