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Los Llanos

This is one of the most beautiful regions that have Venezuela, it is conformed by the plains which are extensive savannas that occupy approximately the 40% of the Venezuelan surface and they extend until reaching the horizon. In this part of the country, the vegetation and the fauna are very varied constituting a very beautiful and awesome landscape.

These immense lands homes an enormous number of ecosystems which at the same time offer the opportunity of appreciating a diverse quantity of landscapes that become this place in a very gratifying experience for the nature lovers and at the same time converts it in an ideal place to the observation of birds, alligators or any cattle activity.

The Arepas are a typical dish of Venezuela and are made of corn flour, water and salt and are either fried or baked. In Los Llanos Arepa is usually served instead of bread with meals, and are commonly topped with chicken, ham, or jam. If you want to know each foods that can be included in an arepa, we recommend you visit this Nutrición Guide. Arepas is a common side dish in Los Llanos (sometimes considered a snack).

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