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Las Tetas de Marķa Guevara

Las Tetas de Marķa Guevara
They are little twin hills located in the central zone of Margarita Island, which were decreed as Natural Monument on February 27, 1974. This monument shows three zones clearly differenced:

The first one covers most of the terrestrial surface of this island, includes the both hills that name the monument.
These protuberances stand out form the rest of the landscape that surrounds it and despite of their size, they can be seeing from far away.

The second landscape constitutes the coastal lagoons or "albuferas" which also occupy an important part inside the monument, these lagoons are "Raya" and the "Boca del Palo" lagoon.

The beaches are the third life zone, they are narrow and don't have a good sea swell because of their relative position according to the currents and winds, its bottom is not depth and and is very slimy.

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