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La Galera

La Galera
It is located in the north of the historic population of Juan Griego, Marcano district. It has an extension of 1.5 Km. and its natural environment is formed mainly by dunes and is surrounded by palm trees; it offers several services to their visitors, for example food and drink establishments.

It is a very clean beach, the sand is very fine and has a light color, and their waters have a beautiful turquoise color and are crystalline. It is one of quietest beaches of Margarita Island, it is ideal for kids and inexperienced swimmers; this tranquility combines perfectly with the colonial style that still preserves the Juan Griego population.

After one day in La Galera you can not miss out the spectacular sunset that can be seen from El Fortín de Juan Griego; If you visit Margarita island you must come here, it is town full of historic values.

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