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The weather in the island is arid and semiarid, it has two rainy periods and two dry periods distributed in two well differentiated geographic areas. One of these climates is located in the mountainous Oriental massif, it is characterized for being rainy and it corresponds mainly to November, December and January, being December the month in which rains more often. The session covers the rest of the island and the months in which rains harder are January and August.

The island is characterized mainly for having a dry weather in company of a radiant sun, especially in the Macanao peninsula. The annual average temperature varies between the 27 and 28 C; the hottest temperatures are shown in May and September and the coldest in January and December.

Around the middle of May begins the rainy season and also begins a descent of 4C in the temperature; In this period called also as "winter", the temperature can descend 12C. A second rainy season is produced in the December. As we already known the island is located in the Caribbean Sea, near to the terrestrial Ecuador, the solar rays affect perpendicularly and they are stronger there than in another region similarly located. For this reason is strongly recommended the use of the sun block whenever you are exposed to the sunlight.

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