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Isla Margarita Travel Guide

Isla Margarita City

It is the biggest island of the many nearby islands, which are countries themselves and they are part of the Nueva Esparta Venezuelan state. This network of little tows and big cities are connected through roads and are surrounded by beach hotels which offer all the appropriate comforts.

The island is located to 38 kilometers of the Venezuelan coast inside a set of very dynamic cities; it has a very generous geography, a rich story as well as the more impressive evenings that can be imagined.

This city is the perfect place to take a walk and admire their castles, churches or simply enjoying the natural landscapes. Keeping in mind that it is an island, it is surrounded by lots of beaches of great quality that are able to satisfy all of the likes. It possesses beaches with waves, wave less beaches, big and little beaches,, beaches with people and without people, deep or level water beaches, lukewarm or hot water beaches, with wind or windless, whatever you want, there is a beach for each pleasure.

In this city everything is near, you can go to your destiny through the roads, highways and very pretty paths. But, if you wish to enjoy even more the landscape, you must visit the close islands for example Coche, Ubagua or Los Frailes to those people that love the snorkeling.

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